Kunstwerken kopen van de Antwerpse kunstenaar Paul Van Dessel

Van Dessel Paul

Paul van Dessel was a Belgian artist who was born in 1956 in Antwerp and who died in 2021, also in Antwerp. He was a painter, pastelist, draftsman, watercolourist, graphic artist, photographer, poet and reciter. Education evening courses in drawing and painting at the Academies in Antwerp and Berchem (1979-1983). Realized portraits, still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes. Murals from 1998. As of 2009 assemblies. Searches for harmony between nature and culture in every work. Exhibited for the first time in the gallery De Lelie in Antwerp in 1989. Opened in 1996 the gallery De Vierde Dimensie in Antwerp. From the press: “P.V.D. is as much a philosopher as a painter. He is a searching person who, on his quest for true happiness and harmony, gathers impressions and opens himself to everything that happens around him. His works are ultimately the plastic reflection of those personally processed impressions.” And another “... Van Dessel also calls himself an artist who has found his own way. Due to the meticulousness, the style characteristics and the well-considered technical implementation, this does arouse amazement, or let us say admiration. The themes in his work also escape all categories, just as was the case with Spilliaert. Influence is always there and unavoidable, but Van Dessel's art stands on its own, without linking up with a movement, a trend, a hype that everyone is talking about. Paul Van Dessel mixes a style and technique that arise from the more classical artistic expressions, but the work is nevertheless anchored in today's time and is in line with current events precisely because of its philosophical, universal character. ... Paul Van Dessel is not a dreamer, in the sense of a naive, on the contrary he may be regarded as a realist who constantly subjects himself and therefore the spectator to retrospection, and he does so with technical skill and the power of his ideas .” (Guy van Hoof in Culture magazine ʻArt 04ʼ , 2013). Mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian coast artists. (Piron, website paulvandessel.com)