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Tekeningen kopen van Nicolas Alquin, de zoon van Pierre Alechinsky

Alquin Nicolas

Nicolas Alquin (pseudonym of Nicolas Alechinsky) is a Belgian artist born in 1958 in Brussels. He is the son of Pierre Alechinsky. He is a sculptor and draftsman. Settled in Paris, where he made his debut in 1977. Wood restoration internship at the Musée des Arts et Traditions populaires, followed by studies of ethnography and rural architecture. Creator of totem-like and slender stylized figures, which sometimes show affinities with primitive African sculptures. Often works with old reclaimed oak beams. From the press: "Alquin's figures are tall and have something aristocratic about them; shrouded in mystery, they approach us as if they could move right through time. By the way, they are all movement; one guesses their determination, their charge in the posture of their bodies, in the wind of their robes' and suddenly a recognizable figure again, frozen in a sudden movement.” (H. Brutin) Source: Piron