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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Vital Muylaert

Muylaert Vital

Vital Muylaert is a Belgian artist, born in Hamme in 1959. He is a painter, draftsman and etcher. He was educated at the Higher Pedagogical Institute of the State in Brussels, under the supervision of J.J. De Grave and at the Academy in Dendermonde (1976-1980), under the supervision of W. Brems, A. Bogaert and J.P. DeBruyn. He was a free pupil in the studios of O. Landuyt in Ghent (1983-1984). He also participated in the Creative Ateliers of the VUB in Brussels, under the supervision of O. Kuijken. From the press: “When looking at the work of V.M. you are immediately struck by the powerful, sometimes even aggressively poetic and use of the primary colors blue and red. The self-portrait is central, along with landscapes and geometric abstractions' and 'For V.M. the domain that lies hidden behind reality is a rich area from which, like a kind of treasure hunter, he brings out an autonomous painting. The images of nature and impressions as they await the painting hand in the recesses of his memory, form the fertilizing elements of his imagination in oil paint. Usually it contains the characteristics of his beloved and familiar Scheldt landscape, childhood memories and unspoken desires intertwined with travel impressions into imaginary landscapes that answer to their own inner logic, but also the logic, but also the music of Sibelius and Shostakovitch, of Mahler and Schumann. of composers who 'create landscapes for the ear',' and finally: 'V.M. harks back to the foundations of painting. Applying oil paint on linen canvas. The craftsmanship of painting, working with the best materials, remains very important to him. The invoice, the manufacture, becomes an important motif in his work. V.M. goes further than some representatives of Fundamental Painting such as the American Robert Ryman and the Flemish Raoul De Keyser. The landscape, the conventional visual means such as form, composition, light, colour, space and movement, remain with V.M. play a co-determining role.” (E. Van Buynder, 2001). Vital Muylaert worked professionally as a teacher of scientific drawing and plastic education. He is mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)