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Morjaeu Luc

Luc Morjaeu is a Belgian artist, born in Niel in 1960. He is a (comic) artist, illustrator, oil painter, greeting card designer and sculptor. He trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the National Higher Institute in Antwerp, where he studied free printmaking. In the mid-1980s he founded the drawing studio MORMIC together with Dirk Michiels. In addition to commercial assignments, he worked on a number of comic series, including Jacobus and Corneel. The first major success came with Erik, or the little insect book, a comic book version of the book of the same name by Godfried Bomans. He also worked on Samson & Gert, Pingu, Biebel and various Disney characters. He made numerous cover designs and drawings for puzzle and game books for the Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij. In the same period, together with Luk Wyns, he released three albums based on the cult series De Familie Backeljau and designed greeting cards for Hallmark. The collaboration with Dirk Michiels ended in 1997. From 2000, Luc Morjaeu became one of Jef Nys' three permanent employees for Jommeke. In the early 2000s he worked for Studio 100, where he supervised and further expanded the drawing studio. In 2005, Luc Morjaeu was asked by Studio Vandersteen (Suske en Wiske) to take over the management of the studio. During the period 2010 to 2013, he combined new assignments for Studio 100 with his work for Studio Vandersteen, and from 2013 onwards he focused entirely on Suske and Wiske. On September 6, 2023, Morjaeu stopped as a cartoonist for Suske en Wiske. Luc Morjaeu will continue to work for Studio Vandersteen, but wants to focus more on sculpting and painting. (BT)