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Kunstwerken kopen van de 19de eeuwse kunstenaar Franz Meerts

Meerts Franz

Franz Meerts was a Belgian artist, born in Ghent in 1836 and died in Brussels in 1896. He was a painter, watercolorist, draftsman and author. He was the son of Joseph Jean François Meert. In the population registers of Ghent he was registered as Franciscus Clemens Meerts. He was educated at the Academy in Ghent. In 1863 he settled with his father in Ixelles and became a student of J. Portaels. He had a preference for genre scenes, which often show his sense of humour. He was commissioned by the government to copy works by great masters in Spain and Italy. He studied the fresco techniques and then restored the old frescoes of the Saint Peter's Church in Anderlecht. Franz Meerts contributed to La Belgique illustrée and was co-founder of the Circle Forward. He organized exhibitions in his studio in Brussels. In 1866 he exhibited works by Camille Wauters, E. Surinx, A. De Bats, E. Hoorickx, Dujardin and Cardon. He was director of the Academy in Soignies for more than twenty years. We can find his work in the museums in Brussels and Ixelles. He is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)