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Kunstwerken kopen van gravin Mathilde Du Monceau De Bergendael

Du Monceau De Bergendae Mathilde

Mathilde Du Monceau De Bergendael (Countess) was a Belgian artist, born in Schaerbeek in 1877 and died in Liège in 1952. She was a painter and watercolourist. She was educated at the Academy in Liège, under the guidance of A. De Witte, where she also received advice and support from A. Donnay, G. Bernier and V. Gilsoul. She painted landscapes, industrial sites, Meuse views, garden and park views and flowers. In 1905 she made her debut with oil painting. Here we still recognize the influence of Géo Bernier. From 1913 she regularly took part in the Salon de Printemps. She visited France, Italy, Mallorca and Argentina. She was friends with V. Pirenne-Kepenne and P. Mathieu. From 1929 to 1951 she participated in the exhibitions of the Cercle des Beaus-Arts de Liège, in 1939 in the exhibition 'Art Vivant' (Saison Internationale de l'eau) in Liège. Her work can be found in the Museums in Antwerp and Liège. She is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)