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​Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenares Marika Baumler

Baumler Marika

Marika Baumler is a Belgian artist who was born in 1945 in Siegmar/Schönau/East Germany. She is a painter and sculptural ceramicist. Came to Belgium with her parents in 1947, settled first in Hamme, then in Schoten. Education at the Academies in Dendermonde and Antwerp under V. Dolphyn, Gustaaf De Bruyne and Jaak Goris (1960-1965). First individual exhibition in Dendermonde in 1976. Developed a very personal style, partly due to her innate talent for the transcendental aspect of life. Realizes portraits and figures, mainly young women and girls. Poetry and symbolism are never far away in her works. From the press: “Many of these young figures have a melancholy that gives them something mysterious. Some seem to muse on their childhood, others seem hopeful to the future.” From 1999, he mainly devoted himself to sculptural ceramics. From the press about this: “The inspired and poetic appearance of the terracotta and raku sculptures in an unrealistic but figurative style is the same as that of the paintings” and “M.B. devotes itself mainly to the poetic rendering of the human figure and portrait. Her works reflect an inner world of silence and transformation.” Wife of Ray Laenens (Rayel). Employed in Schiplaken/Hever. (piron)