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Schilderijen kopen van de Nederlandse kunstenares Maria Kruijsen

Kruijsen Maria

Maria Kruijsen was a Dutch artist who was born in 1899 in Boxtel and who died in 1988 in Veghel. She was a painter and she was the daughter of the painter Jan Kruysen and the brother of the painter Antoon Kruijsen. She was an autodidact who gradually developed her own style with a sense of colors. Expressionism is the best keyword for her work. Since Maria Kruysen was poor, she used every kind of material to paint on: jute, wood, cardboard, paper, board and sometimes canvas. Everything that Maria Kruysen fascinated or appealed to in life, she has incorporated in her paintings. Funeral, birth, death, joy of life and sorrow. But she also painted dozens of flowers, farms and portraits. What is striking about her work is that she is not concerned with the composition of the subjects, but with the color composition of the whole. (Kruysenhuis)