Grafische kunstwerken kopen van Marguerite Callet-Carcano

Callet-Carcano Marguerite

Marguerite Callet-Carcano was an Italian-Belgian graphic artist who was born in Milan in 1878. She was a draftsman, graphic artist (lino and woodcut), illustrator and designer of ex-libris. This is how she illustrated Egmont. Drama and Savonarole. Drame by Iwan Gilkin (1926), Les Chimères by Georges Rency (1928), René by François-René Chateaubriand and a reissue of Adolphe by Benjamin Constant. In addition to the woodcut technique, she also used the linocut technique. She cut the portrait of Charles De Coster for book "La vie et le rêve" (Ed. du Hibou 1927). She also made free etchings. Realized, among other things, religiously inspired scenes, landscapes, cityscapes, portraits (Kardinal Mercier eg.), sculptural female nudes. Illustrated numerous books, incl. Minette La Noire (M.J. Lefebvre, 1941). Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian painters. (piron)