Schilderij van Marcel Cockx kopen

Cockx Marcel

Marcel Cockx was a Belgian artist born in Herent in 1930 and died in Leuven in 2007. He was a painter. Education at the Academy in Leuven, conducted by J. Cobbaert and W. Paerels (1944-1955). He painted landscapes, interiors, figures, flowers, but also found inspiration in rural life, the farm, the circus, clowns, the world of the child. Evolved from a dark expressionism (influence of Permeke) to a clear and strong color expressionism. From the press: “M.C. can best be characterized as a color expressionist. His color palette is fair and pure. The somewhat hazy atmosphere that envelops his themes subtly symbolizes the child's dream world” and “The melancholy closedness of his characters, their quiet resignation, their serene acceptance of fate, being the pictorial expression of the artist's moral background. The calm invoice of his landscapes with their wrinkle-free content, as well as the sobriety of the props, point in the same direction. His spontaneous zest for life, his outgoing joy, his optimistic view of things, however, find their translation through the exuberance of the applied color pattern” (S. Van Gelder, 1974). Prize of the city of Leuven in 1966, of the city of Aarschot and the municipality of Kortenberg in 1967. Work, among others, in the Museums in Leuven and Mechelen, in the collection of the Belgian State and the province of Brabant. Was a teacher at the Academy in Leuven (1956-1985). Mentioned in Signatures I, II and Two centuries of Belgian artists (PIRON)
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