Grafische kunstwerken kopen van Luk Duflou

Duflou Luk

Luk Duflou is a Belgian artist who was born in 1951 in Eksaarde. He is a draftsman and graphic artist. Luk Duflou studied free graphics at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. He was taught by Raf Coorevits, among others. After a career of 12 crafts, he taught himself at the youth workshops of the academies of Sint-Niklaas and Waasmunster. From 1982 to 2016 he taught graphics and illustration at Sint Lucas Antwerp. He uses various relief printing techniques for his fairytale-like stories that depict the poetry of everyday reality. His books appeared in a limited edition and are all handmade. You can see his admiration for the 15th century graphics, Suske en Wiske, Mickey Mouse and the Japanese woodcut.