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Een hyperrealistisch schilderij van Ludy Sels

Sels Ludy

Ludy Sels was a Belgian artist who was born in Melle in 1941 and died in 1996 in Ghent. He was a hyper-realistic painter, draftsman, and occasionally also a cartoonist. In 1970, in collaboration with Marleen Sabbe, he published "Dylan, 27 drawings accompanying songs". Exhibited, among other things, in the Vyncke-Van Eyck gallery in Ghent in 1984 under the theme "Unexpected aspects of the Acropolis". From the press: 'It is a series of fifteen paintings and panels made between 1977 and 1983, each of which shows a piece of the Acropolis, wrapped in the scaffolding of ongoing repairs' and 'Sels, an artist with a large respect for the visual arts in his oeuvre, a meticulous man driven by aesthetics.' (PIRON)