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Kunstwerken van de Russisch/Belgisch/Franse kunstenaar Loukine Rostislas

Loukine Rostislas

Rostislas Loukine was a Russian/Belgian/French artist, born in Belgorod/Russia in 1904 and died in Bar-sur-Aude/France in 1988. He was a painter and journalist. After traveling through Europe (Russian Revolution) he stayed in Paris for a period of eleven years. There he studied at the School of Fine Arts and met N. De Stael. He eventually ended up in Brussels and received further training at the Academy there under the guidance of A. Bastin. He was an Eastern and even Byzantine-inspired painter of atmospheric landscapes and seascapes. He found his inspiration mainly in the Pays Noir. Despite his many wanderings through Europe, he remained attached to the colors and myths of his native country. This is noticeable in the extensive use of black and gold in his works, including many icons. Rostislas Loukine eventually settled in France, where he has his museum in Arsonval. We find his work in the Museums in Ixelles, Tervuren and Namur. He is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)