Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische schilder Louis van Engelen

Van Engelen Louis

Louis Van Engelen, or in full Antoine François Louis Van Engelen was a Belgian painter who was born in 1856 in Lier and died in 1941 in Antwerp. He was the brother of Piet van Engelen. He was educated at the Drawing School in Lier and at the Academy of Antwerp with Charles Verlat. He worked under the direction of Verlat on the Panorma of Waterloo and in 1881 under the direction of the French painter Dumarescq on the Panorma of the battle of Bapaume. In 1882 he traveled to Russia with Verlat to work on the Moscow Panorama with Boom, Vinck and others. He realized landscapes, animals, portraits and genre scenes. He was primarily a painter of cityscapes with figures and characters from the poorer city neighbourhoods. He could often be found as a plein air painter along the banks of the Scheldt and Rupel. He painted reality in a cold, very precise manner in a very clear color and often in a large format. He became a member of the Antwerp artists' group Als Ick Kan and was co-founder of the group De XIII. He traveled extensively: in 1882 to Russia with C. Verlat, in 1883 to Italy, in 1893 to North America and the Congo, and he also took part in the expedition with the Silica to the Kerguelen Islands. His work can be found in the Museums in Liège and Antwerp, among other places. He is mentioned in BAS II and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. (piron)