French artist Louis Bellon, draftsman

Bellon Louis

Louis Bellon is a French artist who was born in 1908 and died in 1998. He started drawing at the age of 14. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon and was taught by Antoine Chartres, who introduced his young student both to art and literature. Bellon was also influenced by the works of André Lhote, which he encountered a few years later. Bellon was inspired by various sources: the neo-impressionism of Georges Seurat, the flat colors of the Nabis, the intimacy of works by Pierre Bonnard, the subtle delicacy of Paul Cézanne, the cubism of Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Jacques Villon, both the exciting palette of Matisse and the richness of his line, the Orphism (so called by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire) by Robert and Sonia Delaunay. Louis later met the Nabi painter Paul Sérusier, joined the Albert Gleizes cubist and discovered an artistic inspiration similar to his in Paul Klee's work.