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Kunstwerken van de Franse kunstenaar Léon Danchin

Danchin Léon

Léon Danchin was a French artist who was born in 1887 in Lille/Lille and who died in 1938 in Sint-Winoksbergen. He studied sculpture at L'École des Beaux Arts in Paris and was admitted to the Salon des Artists at the age of sixteen. In addition to sculpture, he devoted himself entirely to drawing, painting and engraving dogs. To facilitate his work, Danchin moved his family to Chantilly, close to Paris. His first works sold very well in France, but also in Belgium, the United States and England. Danchin later moved to Bergues, in French Flanders, where he could hunt regularly. It was during this period that he drew many of the hunting scenes for which he is known. Danchin is therefore known worldwide as the French master of hunting and dog art. His works come to life with an eye for detail and expression. During his career until his death in 1938, he produced over a hundred different engravings and lithographs. Danchin died on the eve of World War II in Bergues.