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Schilderijen van de Belgische schilder Lionel Poupaert kopen

Poupaert Lionel

Lionel Poupaert was a Belgian artist born and died in Bruges (1900-1989). He was a painter, restorer and copyist of the Flemish Primitives. He was educated at the Academy in Bruges under the direction of Flori Van Acker (1912-1921) and afterwards became a teacher at the same academy (1925-1966). He worked for some time with Joseph Neutens, who ran a decoration company. He realized, among other things, (Bruges) city views and portraits in neo-impressionist style. He also found inspiration in the Ardennes. In 1955 he collaborated with Jules Fonteyne on the murals of the Church of Christ the King. He is listed in the Lexicon of West Flemish visual artists ii. (piron)