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Kunstwerken kopen van de Waals Belgische kunstenares Claire Liebiez-Van Hassel

Liebiez-Van Hassel Claire

Claire Liebiez-Van Hassel was a Belgian artist, born in La Bouverie in 1883 and died in Pâturages in 1965. She was a graphic artist, draftsman and painter. She followed her education at the academy in Bergen under the supervision of Louis Greuze. She mainly realized landscapes and cityscapes. She exhibited with the Kring Le Bon Vouloir in Mons, from 1907; at the 'Exposition de Tableaux', organized by the Association of Fine Arts in Ghent in 1911 and at the Premier Salon de Mons in Mons in 1940 (La Boule; Charbonnage). Claire Liebiez-Van Hassel is mentioned in the magazine Savoir et Beauté of May 1922. (Piron)