Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Leo Bervoets kopen

Bervoets Leo

Leo Bervoets was a Belgian artist who was born in Antwerp in 1892 and who passed away in 1978. He was a painter, draftsman and watercolorist. Training at the Academy in Antwerp under the direction of Ch. Mertens and Is. Opsomer. Even before the First World War, he immersed himself in the noisy life of dance halls, fairgrounds and circuses and knew the nightly harbor district better than anyone. But he always remained the silent observer of this quiet world, which he incorporated into his paintings in a poetic and sensitive way. Was a member of Modern Art in the 1930s, together with Paul Joostens, Edm. Van Dooren, Ernest Albert and Oscar Verpoorten. Did not like to exhibit and preferred to experience his art rather withdrawn in the silence and peace of the studio. Futurism and cubism processed through his feeling, his poetic and refined vision and thus re-created and refined the image of reality. Painted landscapes, Antwerp harbor views, city scenes, café interiors, figures on the fringes of society: vagrants, outlaws, street hookers, barmaides, foord dancers, but also studio interiors and still lifes. Excellent colorist. The drawings are a very interesting part of his oeuvre. From the press: "This painting in its entirety exudes a refinement in a minor key, because nowhere strong colors or exuberant shapes are used. In the true sense of the word, he composes his paintings, which consist of small, delicate planes and which are brought into unity in silent harmony" and "L.B. is a lonely one. Unnoticed and as if lost in the bustle of city life, he, like a taciturn philosopher, undertakes his long wanderings through the streets of Antwerp as soon as night falls. He mainly sees the peculiar fringes of society." (A.J.J. Delen) Was also a member of the art circle "If Ik Kan". Work in the Museum in Antwerp. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: PIRON