Kunstwerken kopen van de kunstschilder Jean Laudy

Laudy Jean

Jean Laudy was a Dutch-Belgian artist, born in Venlo/Netherlands in 1877 and died in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe in 1956. He was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist. In 1893 he came to Belgium and studied at the Academies in Antwerp and Brussels, under the guidance of Isidore Verheyden (1894-1895). Here he also became friends with his teacher Alfred Bastien. He also worked in the free studios of La Patte de Dindon and L'Effort in Brussels. During his studies he met the watercolourist Hélène Dumoulin, whom he married in 1905. In 1921 he acquired Belgian nationality. He painted figures, sensual nudes, striking portraits, interiors, landscapes, city and village views, flowers (with a clear preference for roses) and still lifes. He worked in a generously applied paint paste and sometimes vaguely maintained contours. From the press: “J.L. was not a sky-rocketing avant-gardist, but a one hundred percent professional who painted what enthusiasts liked to buy from him. He was strongly influenced by Impressionism. The socialites of Brussels loved his portraits.” We find work by Jean Laudy in the Museums of Brussels, Bergen and in the Museum Charlier in Sint-Joost-ten-Noode. Streets are named after him in Venlo and Brussels. He is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of a Belgian artist. (Piron)