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Kunstwerken kopen van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Roland Larij of  Roeland Larij

Larij Roland

Roland Larij, better known as Roeland Larij, was a Dutch painter born in Dordrecht in 1855 and died in Dordrecht in 1932. He was hailing from a family of artists. He received his artistic education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he studied under the guidance of Karel Verlat and Edgar Farasyn.  Larij's style is often associated with the Hague School, straddling the line between realism and impressionism with a strong emphasis on atmosphere. He maintained relationships with well-known artists such as Willem and Jacob Maris, Anton Mauve, and Jozef Israels, from whom he adopted a loose brushwork technique. However, Larij's color palette was distinctly warmer and more southern.  Thematically, his works varied from forest and heath landscapes to peasant interiors and farms. He also painted figures and still lifes.