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Etsen van Kurt Peiser kopen

Peiser Kurt

Kurt Peiser was an Antwerp artist of German origin.. He was born in 1887 in Antwerp and died in 1962 in Uccle. He was a painter with great social and humanitarian concerns. He was also a draftsman, watercolorist, lithographer and etcher. His style is realistic with impressionistic and expressionistic touch. Education at the Academy in Antwerp. Prof. Gerard Jacobs qualified in painting sea and river views. Debuted with sea and Scheldt views, but the choice of his subjects was soon influenced by the prevailing social mismatches and injustice in society. Realistically painted dockworkers at the port of Antwerp, workers, women and children at work, all types of people, homeless people, outcasts, prostitutes, scenes in night bars, scenes with worn-out horses from the English coal mines, who arrived in Antwerp every week to be slaughtered. Settled in Uccle, but often took in the atmosphere of the popular Marolles. In addition to his social, sometimes dramatic themes, he also painted luminist landscapes in a realistic style and gained great fame as an etcher. On the 4th of June 1914 the artist came to the court of Antwerp after paintings were removed from an exhibition. He was prosecuted for an attack on morality. Listed in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures by Belgian artists. (PIRON)