Schilderijen van de Belgische kunstenaar Karel Verschooten

Verschooten Karel

Karel Verschooten is a Belgian artist who was born in Antwerp in 1910 and who died there in 1993. He was a painter and watercolorist. Debuted as an autodidact, but joined the Sint-Lucaskring in Merksem in the 1930s, where he received further training from Rik Luyten, Oscar Verpoorten and Jozef Mous. Realized Scheldt landscapes depicted in a powerful style, which are often compositionally characterized by their overwhelming, tormented skies, but also paints heather landscapes, harvest scenes, flower arrangements and still lifes. Beige, gray and especially ocher predominate on his color palette. Member of the Kunstkring Sirkel. Retrospective of his work in the town hall in Mortsel in 1990 on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Paul Piron, The Belgian visual artists from the 19th to the 21st century