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Belgische schilder Julien Célos

Célos Julien

Julien Célos was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1884 and died there in 1953. He was a painter and engraver. Education at the Academy in Antwerp. Student of F. Courtens. Realized, among others, landscapes, beguinage and city views and interiors. Traveled to France, England, the Netherlands and Tunisia. Often worked in old quarters of Dutch and Belgian cities and effortlessly found subjects for his works. He often found inspiration in old Bruges with its beguinage corners and picturesque alleys. Realistic design. Worked as a painter in a broad, light and pasty touch. Also engraved numerous color etchings. Was a member of the Kring "Als Ik Kan" in Antwerp. Mentioned in Bas I and Two Centuries Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)