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Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Jozef (Jef, Joseph) Vanmaldeghem

Vanmaldeghem Jozef

Jozef (Jef, Joseph) Vanmaldeghem was a Belgian artist who was born in 1919 and who passed away in 1971. He was a painter and draftsman. From an art historical point of view, his work is situated in post-expressionism. Often worked in the great outdoors. Was a passionate art teacher: from 1946 at the Municipal Drawing Academy (now KUMA) and from 1950 at the National Secondary School in Maldegem. From 1945 to 1960 he painted Meetjesland landscapes in neo-expressionist style (eg. Hoeveke Donkse Heirweg). Around 1950 he was influenced by Van Gogh (eg. Summer Landscape in Oeselgem) and he was also inspired by Dufy. Jozef Van Maldegem constantly improved his technology and design. Sources: Piron, blog "marianne_posman_in_maldegem"