Houtdruk van Jos Wils kopen

Wils Jos

Jos Wils was a Belgian artist born in Borgerhout in 1909 who died in Borgerhout in 1989. He was a painter, watercolorist, graphic artist and literary scholar. Education in architecture and then drawing at the Academy in Antwerp, engraving at the Higher Institute in Antwerp led by Ed. Pellens and M. Brocas. Debuted with wood engravings in 1932. Then took private lessons led by Albert Deroover and published the bundles of lino and woodcuts "Grotesken" and "Very Small Gallery" in 1933. Published a monthly magazine for children in 1937, fully illustrated by himself with lino and wood engravings. Also debuted around 1942 with painting and worked professionally at the publicity department of a parastatal institution. He designed numerous drawings and posters. Made literary contributions in magazines such as Hoger Leven, Dietse Warande and Belfort, Prisma, Gewas. (PIRON)
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