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Nederlandse kunstschilder Jos Mertens

Mertens Jos

Jos Mertens was a Dutch artist born in Teteningen in 1911 and died in Leiden in 1964. Jos Mertens left The Hague at the age of seventeen to take lessons at the Royal Academy. He also took classes at the Rotterdam academy and was taught by the graphic artist van 't Hof and the painter Sauveur. His oeuvre includes drawings, gouaches, watercolors, oil paintings and cartoons. Until 1940 he was, among other things, set designer for the Bouwmeesterrevue and the Italian opera. Between 1940 and 1960 he made many trips abroad and painted travel impressions. From 1941 he established himself as an independent artist in Leiden, where he drew and painted until his death. He was an active member of the Leids Kunstcentrum and organized many exhibitions in the Boerhaaven rooms and the Lakenhal. In 1968, the municipality of Leiden made it possible to organize a retrospective exhibition of 92 works by Jos Mertens in De Waag. Jos Mertens was a restless seeker, his oeuvre has many styles and techniques. Source: http://laatste.info/bb3/viewtopic.php?t=1940&start=15

Jos Mertens, who was ahead of his time in many respects, was above all a fierce colourist, of which he showed passionately in all the widely divergent periods of his work. Source: https://leiden.courant.nu/issue/LD/1968-04-20/edition/0/page/6