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Belgische schilder Jef Wauters

Wauters Jef

Jef Wauters was a Belgian artist born in 1927 in Mariakerke/Ghent and died in 2013 in Roeselare. He was a painter. Education at Sint-Lucas and at the Academy in Ghent under Jules De Sutter (1942-1950). Study trips to England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Paris, Provence, Spain, the Netherlands and in 1961 to Rome. From his retirement in 1958, he devoted himself entirely to his painting. Realized, among other things, (children's) figures, portraits of children and prominent figures, genre scenes such as fairground and carnival scenes, slightly caricaturized social scenes. He often places his poetic and sensitively stylized figures on monochrome or abstract backgrounds. Sunny and optimistic color palette. He prefers children and young girls, but also notables, prominent ecclesiastical figures and judges are his source of inspiration. In his adult characters, however, the innocence and vulnerability that characterize his young characters are hard to find and he does not shy away from denouncing injustice and hypocrisy. The design is kept simple and sometimes deliberately naive. His works breathe a certain magic. Was a teacher at Sint-Lucas in Ghent from 1950 to 1958, but then settled in Paris for some time. However, he still regularly exhibited in Belgium, including in the Racines gallery in Brussels in 1994. Work in the Museum in Ghent, among others. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)