Kunstwerk van de schilder Joseph Vermeiren

Vermeiren Jef

Joseph Vermeiren, who signed with Jef Vermeiren, was a Belgian painter born in Bruges and died in 1990 in Cyprus. At the age of 17 he completed his studies at the Academy of Painting in Calais, France. He later graduated from the University of Leuven as a mining and electrical engineer and practiced this profession in many parts of the world, including Belgium, Cyprus, Congo and Colombia, but he never left painting to which he was so dedicated. During his visits to Brussels, he visited the Workshop of the famous painter Marcel Hastir. In 1959 he studied at the ''Academie Royale Superieure de Peinture'' in Antwerp, where he specialized in portrait painting, as one of the four admitted painters of 26 candidates. Through his profession he has visited many countries, which is also reflected in a number of his works.