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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Jef Van Campen.

Van Campen Jef

Jef Van Campen is a Belgian artist who was born in Antwerp in 1934. He is a painter – watercolorist. He was educated at the Academies in Antwerp and Berchem. he made his debut as a watercolorist, but later also started working in oil paint. His works often come across as tranquil atmospheric pieces.; he finds his inspiration mainly in the port of Antwerp, but the sea, inland waterways or the air also fascinate him. He also paints landscapes, figures, portraits and still lifes. His style is post-impressionist. From the press: 'J.V.C., who has always been very successful as a watercolorist, has recently switched more and more to oil paint. Nevertheless, as a watercolorist he continues to find his subjects mainly in the harbor, while his paintings focus on the human theme', (1994) and 'J.V.C. sometimes brings very romantic canvases with flesh-colored tenderness, while on the other hand there are canvases with a strong color palette that you hold onto,' (1997) and 'The paintings of J.V.C. possess an enormous power to create atmosphere and often give an impression of a specific moment.; both in oil and watercolor he often paints harbor views, landscapes and still lifes that are recognizable by his extremely sober and direct style of painting. He uses a 'misty', transparent brushstroke that evokes an unprecedented atmosphere of intimacy.'(2005) (Piron)