Schilderij van Jeanine Behaeghel

Behaeghel Jeanine

Jeanine Behaeghel is a Belgian artist who is born in Bruges in 1940 and who died there in 1993. She was a painter, graphic artist and sculptor. She followed her education at the Academy in Bruges (1956-1959), applied graphics in Düsseldorf with Walter Breker (1959-1962) and graphic design at the Royal College of Art in London with Richard Guyatt (1963-1964). From the press: “This paintings developed in a great way in recent times. From the virtuoso play with lines, the color boxes have condensed into a number of abstracted "portraits"; portraits in an improper sense, rather typologies devoted to women, moreover painted in a much softer tone because the painter has also changed her painting material"(G. Gyselen, 1983) and" Both in the paintings and in the images the organic, round and full, rhythmic and spherical tense image reduced to the essence”. Mentioned in the "Lexicon of West Flemish Visual Artists II". (PIRON)
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