Schilderij van Jean-Baptiste Scoriel

Scoriel Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Scoriel is a Belgian artist who was born in Lambusart in 1883 and who died in Tamines in 1956. He was a painter. Grew up in a Flemish miner's family that moved to the Ardennes. Artistic training at the Academy in Namur. Also received advice and support from J.E. Blanche in Honfleur. Mainly realized landscapes. Initially he was inspired by the banks of the Sambre and worked in the luminist line of E. Claus. After the First World War he revised his design and more respect for lines and form was noticed in his works. He then painted the Lower Sambre and the barges on the river in a precise and powerfully constructed design. He then went on to outline his subjects firmly in black and landscapes that initially reflected melancholy, unrest, loneliness, became more peaceful and optimistic. Work in the Museum in Charleroi, among others. Mentioned in BAS I, II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron