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Jan Van der Loo Belgische kunstenaar

Van Der Loo Jan

Jan (Jean Marie Florent) Van der Loo was born in Boechout in 1908 and died in 1978 in Saint Marsal (France). He was a painter and graphic artist and was the son of Marten Van der Loo. He studied at the Academy and at the Higher Institute in Antwerp. He initially painted impressionist landscapes, still lifes, nudes, portraits, compositions and from 1953 evolved into the fantastic and surrealism. Deserted landscapes, rock formations, dead vegetative forms then express his cosmic vision of nature, the unrest and loneliness of man. Sometimes recalls Dali in these works. Lived and worked for a long time in Gooreind. Was a teacher at the Academy in Antwerp. Work among others in the Museums in Antwerp and Kortrijk. Listed in BAS I. (PIRON)