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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar James Thiriar.

Thiriar James

James Thiriar was a Belgian artist who was born in Brussels in 1889 and who died there in 1965. He was a painter, draftsman, caricaturist and illustrator. Born into a family with military tradition. At the beginning of the century leaned towards Symbolism. During the First World War, he emerged as one of the most prolific war painters. Was asked to make sketches and observation drawings, first in the artillery department, later in the topographical department, who asked him to make wide faces, panoramic drawings or so-called large portraits of the front. These works are now in the Royal Military Museum. After the war he specialized in depicting uniforms and soldiers. Also painted and drew genre scenes, figures. Joined the Muntschouwburg in Brussels in 1919 as a costume designer and also designed posters. Gradually made a name for himself and in 1930 became artistic director of the Ommegang in Brussels. In 1932, he took part in a Belgian expedition to the Ruwenzori massif and brought back an extensive documentary collection on the fauna and flora in Congo and Sudan. Realized in 1938 with Théo Fleischman Le jeu de Liège in the context of the 'Exposition Internationale de l'Eau' in Liège in 1939. Published the album Gloire et misère au front des Flandres, 1914-1918 (1920). Watercolors ordered by the Museum of Tervuren evoke the past of the Congolese Wehrmacht. These were put on display at the Museum in 1953 and subsequently reproduced as picture postcards. Work in the Print Room in Brussels, among others. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)