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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Jacques Delvaux

Delvaux Jacques

Jacques Delvaux was a Belgian painter who was born in Antwerp in 1929 and who died in 2010. He was a great-nephew of Paul Delvaux. He studied painting at the Academy in Antwerp and painted rural views from his own region, coast and beach views. He also got his inspiration in the south of France. His design was expressionistic. In his works we mainly notice a powerful and smoothly constructed composition in a colorful palette. He initially worked in Antwerp, but moved to the south of France, more specifically Cannes, in the 1980s. Here he painted daily. His work Rede in Antwerp (1961) was auctioned by the Zaal Campo and Campo in Antwerp in 2008, Strandzicht by the same Zaal in 2010. Many of his works were sold in Paris. A retrospective exhibition was organized here in 2011, namely 'Jacques Delvaux, ou une autre vision sur la peinture flamande'. (piron)