Grafiek kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Jacob Neefs

Neefs Jacob

Jacob Neefs was a Belgian etcher and engraver, born and died in Antwerp (1610-after 1660). He was a printmaker and publisher. His designs were mainly devotional prints, with portraits and Christian religious scenes as subjects. He was a student of Marinus Robyn van de Goes. Around 1633 he obtained the degree of master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke, and took on Jacob van de Velde, and later Emmanuel van Winghen as pupils. Jacob Neefs was one of the last to work under Rubens. He made an engraving for Rubens after The Martyrdom of Saint Thomas, and an etching after the Farm in Laeken. Neefs also contributed to Van Dyck's Iconagraphy. He etched the title page, finished Van Dyck's self-portrait and added burin to the portrait of Frans Snyders, whose face had been etched by van Van Dyck. Between 1635 and 1659 Jacob Neefs illustrated a dozen books, most of which were published in Antwerp and Leuven. Jacob Neefs his name is mentioned in many variants in the literature, namely: Neeffs, Jacobus; Neefs, Jacques ; Nefs, Jacques ; Neufs, Jakus ; Neeffs, Jacques. (Benezit, BT)