Franse kunstenares Isabel Aguera

Aguera Isabel

Isabel Aguera was born in the 60s. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She has been painting for more than thirty years. Her work has quickly attracted the attention of collectors and foreign agents, her works travel around the world and are presented at many fairs and galleries outside our borders. From that moment on she devotes herself entirely to her artistic practice and feeds on many journeys, with a preference for this contemporary Babylon, New York, where she mixes with the abundance of different underground art scenes. The front line between reality and imagination is often at work in the work of Isabel Aguera, from which a central figurative element that, according to her own permission, enables to keep in touch with the first reality that is given to be seen in our retina . From this element, bubbling without limitations then lends a path consisting of accidents and accidents to bring a visual language outside the marked countries of the language and the narrative. During the act of creation a painting is born that tells itself as much as it tells. (https://isabelaguerapeintures.com/)