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Kunstwerken kopen van de Amerikaanse kunstenares Teresa Beth Hough

Hough Teresa Beth

Teresa Beth Hough was an American artist, born in North Carolina/America in 1953 and died in Waterloo in 2020. She graduated from Central Cabarrus High School in 1971, then attended Brevard College and eventually received her degree in Visual Arts. degree from the University of North Carolina. In her native region she was known for her sketches of historic houses. She moved to New York to further develop her artistic career. In this city she met her Dutch husband, with whom she later moved to Waterloo in Belgium. Together they started an antique shop. Teresa Beth Hough continued to paint and draw. She painted a series of works of the historic battlefields and buildings in Waterloo. In 2015, during the bicentennial commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo, she gained greater recognition in Belgium thanks to her many works on the subject of the region where she lives. She also painted several portraits on commission, both in the United States and in Belgium. She wrote five books (Waterloo series) following her traveling exhibition in 2015, in the footsteps of Napoleon in 1815. (BT)