Belgische schilder Hippolyte Prat

Prat Hippolyte

Hippolyte Prat was a Belgian painter born in 1863 in Antwerp. He was a painter who had his education at the Academy in Antwerp. Realized interiors, figures, genre scenes, (Antwerp) cityscapes, landscapes, marines, among other things. A few of his titles: Oorlogsetmaal, Kantwerkster from the Auvergne, De Burggracht in Antwerp, The Sint-Andrieskwartier in Antwerp, De haven in Zeebrugge. Participated in the Salon of the Kunstkring in Tournai in 1908 with nine picturesque Antwerp corners, in the Triennial Salons in Antwerp in 1920 and 1926 and in Ghent in 1929 (The Sint-Andries Quarter in Antwerp). Work among others in the Museum in Antwerp (O.L.V. Vrouwetoren in Antwerp). (PIRON)