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Kunstwerken, schilderijen kopen van Jean-Arnold Heyermans

Heyermans Jean-Arnold

Jean-Arnold (Johannes Arnoldus) Heyermans was a Belgian/Dutch/English painter, born in Rotterdam/Netherlands in 1837 and died in London/United Kingdom after 1892. He trained at the Academy in Antwerp and mainly painted domestic scenes and figures . From 1859 to 1892 he worked in Antwerp, after which he moved to London. He took part in the Salon of Antwerp in 1861 (Rosine and her goats and Last tribute), in the Salons in Ghent in 1874 (Sunday morning), 1877 (A first costume) and 1883 (Hesitation). He also took part in the 1881 Brussels Salon (During the storm and A bad example). Jean-Arnold Heyermans is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)