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Belgische schilder Herman Broeckaert

Broeckaert Herman

Herman Broeckaert was a Belgian artist born in 1878 in Wetteren and died in 1930 in Ghent. He was a painter and poet. Education at the Academy in Dendermonde conducted by Th. Bogaert, F. Willaert, Is. Meyers and J. Rosseels. Influenced by Rosseels and Meyers, but especially by F. Courtens. Mainly realized landscapes, Scheldt and Leie views and village views. Managed as impressionist to evoke moods inclined to expressionism. Applied his generous layers of paint with a lively touch. In 1907, together with Gorus, moved to Vlassenbroek to join L. Spanoghe. During the First World War stayed in England and France. Afterwards found his inspiration mainly in the Lys region and lived on a boat in Baarle/Drongen for several years. Together with Gorus and Spanoghe, formed the core of the second Dendermond group. Was also a valued poet. Mentioned in CRICK, BAS I and Two Centuries Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)