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Schilderijen en tekeningen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Henri Mathy

Mathy Henri

Henri Mathy was a Belgian artist who was born in Landen in 1897 and who died in Brussels in 1978. He was a painter and draftsman. Moved to Antwerp at the age of 16 and took drawing lessons. Received support and advice from Charles Houben. Education at the Academy in Mechelen. Experienced the First World War at the front and often drew the battered Flemish landscapes. Individually exhibited for the first time at the Galerie Nouvelle in Paris IN 1929. Evolved from socially engaged subjects to rural scenes, landscapes. Moves on the border between Flemish expressionism and the Brabant tradition. The figures were placed powerful, angular, sculptural and in rich paint paste. Admired the work of A. Carte and E. Laermans. From the press: "H.M. represents man by his labour, his faith and his superstitions. His oeuvre is a hymn to the people of the people.' Work in the Museum in Bergen, among other places. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)