Belgische kunstenaar Hendrik (Henri) Geertsen

Geertsen Henri

Hendrik (Henri) Geertsen was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1892 and died in Wilrijk in 1969. He was a graphic artist, painter, draftsman and crayon painter. Education at the Academy and the Higher Institute in Antwerp (1906-1914), of which six years were under the supervision of the engraver F. Lauwers. Stayed in the Netherlands from 1914 to 1918. Back in Belgium, he gained fame as a painter of portraits. Second place in the Prix de Rome for engraving art in 1920. Was friends with J. Hendrickx, A. Van Dijck and D. Baksteen. In 1956 he became a teacher of the etching class at the Academy in Mechelen. Topics covered: mother and child, portraits, nudes, harbor and city views. Freely interpreted reality. Mainly gained fame as a graphic artist. Used as few intersecting lines as possible. Signed directly in the wax layer without sign. Only let the plates bite slightly, creating subtle shadow gradations. Exhibited among other things at the Four Yearly Art Salon of Belgium in Brussels in 1939, at the Four Yearly Salon in Ghent in 1954. Work among others in the museum in Antwerp. (PIRON)