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Kunstwerken van Gustave Den Duyts kopen

Den Duyts Gustave

Gustave Den Duyts was a Belgian artist who was born in Ghent in 1850 and who died in Brussels in 1897. He was a painter, watercolorist and etcher. Largely self-taught, but nevertheless followed a short training at the Academy in Ghent. Realized landscapes and views from Flanders and Brabant, preferably captured in the evening or in autumn, when there was a dreamy, melancholic atmosphere. Loved the humid atmosphere of the landscape with often rows of trees in the background. This hazy element in his works makes him one of the first to experiment with the indigenous Impressionism. Gave a synthesis of the landscape in his works and not a detailed, precise representation, but still worked with a very refined technique. Sporadically also painted and etched cityscapes and seascapes. From the press: "As spiritual heir to Daubigny and Corot and as counsel to Baertsoen, G.D.D. through his canvases with exceptionally fine coloration, a melancholic romanticism transferred to numerous landscape painters." Was employed for a long time in Afsnee. Also played an important role in the organization of various processions, including in Ghent for the commemoration of the Ghent Pacification in 1576 (1876), the jewelery procession in Brussels (1894). Was the teacher of Albert Baertsoen, among others. Work in the Museums in Liège, Brussels, Roeselare, Antwerp, Ghent, among others. Mentioned in BAS I, II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: PIRON.