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kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Gilbert Declercq kopen

Declercq Gilbert

Gilbert Declercq is a Belgian artist who was born in 1946 in Ghent/Zwijnaarde. He is a painter, draftsman, watercolorist, graphic designer and cartoonist. He studied "Decorative Arts and Animation Film" (conducted by Raoul Servais) as well as "Interior decoration" at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. During the same period he also took the professional illustration course “Famous Artists Schools”. During his further career, he attended specialized workshops, including "Watercolor" in 1980 at the "Schule des Sehens", founded by Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg; "Etchings" at the Academy of Oudenaarde; the "International Art Workshop" organized by the "Western Michigan University" in Brussels, where he was the only Belgian among the American participants. In 1965 Gilbert Declercq co-founded the art circle "Spectrum" in Ghent/Zwijnaarde. As a painter he realized, among other things, female figures, scenes from daily life, landscapes. Debuted as a cartoonist in Ons Volkske. He regularly exhibits his paintings in Belgium (including Galerie Vyncke-Van Eyck, Museum Leon Desmet - where, on a visit, Willy Vandersteen bought a work from him -, National Maritime Museum - currently MAS -, in Austria - Vienna, Innsbruck , Dornbirn -, England - Mall Galleries in London -, USA - Society of Illustrators, New York, MYSTIC, The Maritime Museum in Mystic Seaport -, in Italy - Pinacoteca nazionale dell 'Acquarello, Albignasego -, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Declercq won several national and international prizes for his watercolors (for example in Brussels in 1974 prize from the 'Conseil Européen d'Art et esthétique' (CEAE), 'Les Arts en Europe' organized by 'Association Royale des Artistes Professionels de Belgique' (ARAPB); in 1979 prize for Watercolor in Antwerp, in 1980 at The International Artists in Watercolor Competition, judged by The Royal Watercolor Society in London, among others), selected in the 1990s for the "International Triennial for Watercolor Art", organized by the European Watercolor Institute and many others. Source: www.gilbertdeclercq.be, Piron