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Belgische kunstenaar Gerard Gaudean graficus

Gaudean Gerard

Gerard Gaudean was a Belgian artist born in Sint-Niklaas-Waas in 1927 and died in 2003. He was a graphic artist and woodcarver. He studied at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas, at the Academy in Ghent by V. Stuyvaert and at the Higher Institute in Antwerp by M. Severin and J. Vaerten. He preferred (among other things) (wood) engravings to literary works, figures, nudes, animals and harbor views. He also worked as a designer of occasional graphics and ex-libris. Always fascinated by new technical challenges. For example, was able to create a nocturnal atmosphere by placing a translucent fabric over the log when pressed. He was a member of the "Wase Kunstkring", chairman of "'t Getij" and co-founder of the ex-libris circle "Graphia". He was a drawing teacher at the Royal Athenaeum in Sint-Niklaas, a woodcut teacher at the Academy of Ghent (1963-1971), from 1971 a teacher of letterpress and then, until 1991, director at the Academy of Antwerp. Work among others in the Print Cabinets in Brussels and Antwerp. Listed in BAS I. (PIRON)