Schilderijen en aquarellen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Geo Henrotté

Henrotté Geo

Geo Henrotté or in full Joseph Jean Victor Henrotté was a Belgian artist who was born in 1905 in Bressoux and who died in 1992 in Liège. He was a painter and watercolorist. Found his inspiration in rural Grimbergen and in the Ardennes. Was praised for its subtle depiction of water features. Exhibited in Brussels ca 1939: 'Chaume à Grimbergen', 'Bief du moulin', 'Printemps à Grimbergen', 'Yacht Club'. Works 'Le village', 'Sy', 'route vers Verlaine' and 'Potager' have been auctioned by the Elysée Hall in Liège, 'Poort' by the Campo Hall in Antwerp. Also realized flower arrangements. Exhibited in the Cercle des Beaux-Arts in Liège in 1969. Was a professional sales representative. Mentioned in Panorma Pitcural de l'Ardenne (Joseph Delmelle, 1964. P.104). (piron)