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Kunstwerken van de surrealistische kunstenaar Gaston Bogaert kopen

Bogaert Gaston

Gaston Bogaert sometimes also written as Bogaerts or under the pseudonym Capouillard was a Belgian artist who was born in 1918 in Le Mans and who died in 2008 in Etterbeek. He was a Belgian surrealist painter and graphic artist. Gaston Bogaert studied architecture and from 1938 devoted himself to interior design, theater and advertising graphics. Worked as an advertising artist at Sabena. Gained fame as a draftsman of posters (1949-1958). Administrator of the Belgian Chamber of Graphic Artists (1964-1968). Teacher at the Higher School of Advertising Techniques in Brussels (1965-1969). Became a professional artist in 1965. His world is built on the basis of childhood memories, travel memories, nighttime impressions, and all this sublimated by its poetic processing. At the Eurocon in 1978 he won in the category "Fantastic & Fantasy Award" as an artist. Bogaert tries to create an appealing and intriguing atmosphere by using unreal images. He mainly uses melancholic tones. Due to the mystical atmosphere, the works radiate a kind of nostalgia and threat. Human images are rarely seen in the paintings. From the press: ’The international fame of G.B. relies on his astonishing skill with which he bestows his fantasies, anachronisms, planets, seas, fin-de-siècle constructions, the strange and alienating surrealistic atmosphere.' Mentioned in BAS I and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. (Wikipedia, Piron)