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Schilderij van Belgische kunstenaar Flor Van Acker

Van Acker Flor

Flor Van Acker or Florimond Van Acker was a Belgian artist born in 1858 in Bruges and who died there in 1940. He was a painter, draftsman and lithographer. Education at the Academy in Bruges under the direction of E. Wallays, at the Academy in Antwerp under the direction of K. Verlat and at the Academy in Brussels under the direction of J. Portaels. Study trips to England, Germany, Italy and France. Second for the Prix de Rome in 1883. Was also located in Brussels for some time. Painted historical and religious compositions, genre scenes, (Bruges) cityscapes, landscapes, portraits. Impressionist-romantic style. Also designed numerous posters, leaflets, book illustrations, bookplates, food cards, costumes and floats for processions. Was co-founder of the Circle Forward in 1885. Was director of the Academy in Bruges from 1910 to 1926. Work in the Museums in Bruges and Ostend, among others. Mentioned in the Lexicon of West Flemish visual artists I, CRICK, BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists.