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Kunstwerken kopen van de Franse kunstenaar Marcel Fiorini

Fiorini Marcel

Marcel Fiorini was a French/Algerian artist who was born in 1922 in Guelma (Algeria) and died in 2008 in Bois-le-Roi (Seine-et-Marne). He was a non-figurative painter and a French engraver of the New School of Paris. He is best known for the new intaglio printing processes on wood, linoleum or plaster that he developed and used from the 1950s. His first works of art were figurative paintings. Later his artwork evolved towards a simplification of forms, more allusive, which led them to abstraction in the following years. Parallel to his creation in the field of engraving, Marcel Fiorini never stopped painting. Although he was best known for the originality of his engravings and for his technical inventions in this field, Fiorini belongs to the same small group of painters [Louis Nallard, Maria Manton and Marcel Bouqueton] (Wikipedia).